Dell - Future Ready | Creative User

These images are part of a series created for Dell back in 2016, showcasing their upcoming hardware at the time. Environments were built in 3ds Max and rendered with V-Ray. Models were photographed in our warehouse studio and the final composites were done in Photoshop.

There were several steps to building these scenes and getting physical models photo-comped into the final product.

We built, lit, and rendered the environments first. Then in a physical studio, we taped off barriers that matched the rendered environments. We then matched the physical lighting to the digital lighting. Models were hired to be photographed interacting with Dell's new hardware. A lot of furniture was brought in and painted light grey. In the studio, we overlaid our 3D-rendered environments over our camera viewfinder. While photographing the models, we tried to match perspective with the 3D-scene-overlay as accurately as possible. We then took those photographs and revisited the scenes in 3D, now overlaying the photographs in 3ds Max. We then perspective-matched as accurately as possible before re-rendering the scenes. Then finally we comped everything together in Photoshop.