Colour & Design: Nested Squares
Christopher fairbanks chrisfairbanks cdig 14 nestedsquares v1

Final Render

Christopher fairbanks chrisfairbanks cdig 14 inspiration v1

Inspiration Image

This scene showcases the Nested Squares wallcovering by Colour & Design. I completed this project as a CGI Production Artist @ Harper House.

We receive an inspiration image that's marked up with client changes, requests, new prop placements, etc. We also receive a packet that details what sort of lighting scheme the client desires, as well as what sort of additional props we may need to buy, build, and/or manipulate.

Using 3ds Max and V-Ray, we build and light all rooms from scratch. In most instances, we have set dressers who will purchase props such as beds, couches, plants, decor, and tables for the scene. If a desired prop cannot be found, we will build, unwrap, and texture it ourselves.

When props are purchased, we almost always manipulate, adjust, or fix them as necessary in order to fit our clients' needs.